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Ordered the parents to compensate Ms. Liu medical expenses, transportation and mental damage solatium, etc. a total of 2.6 million yuan
Jinghua Times (Reporter Zhang Shuling) saw a little girl in the middle of the dance dancing in the middle of the shuttle, who is dancing Miss Liu will be a few children. That night, the little girl's family hit the door Ms. Liu wounded. Haidian court to violate the right to life, the right to health, physical rights on the grounds that the child's parents compensation for compensation for women's medical expenses, transportation and mental damage solatium, etc. a total of 2.6 million yuan. Ms. Liu complained that the evening of June 21, 2015, she was in Haidian District, Phoenix Ridge area dance dancing, found a little girl in the crowd shuttle, let the children away from the point, the child grandmother will take the child away. 10:30 that night, the girl's parents Lee, Wang and Wang's sister 3 to Ms. Liu's home, because Ms. Liu is not at home, his family will be advised to 3 people. 11 o'clock that day, three people and find the door, apart from anything else on Ms. Liu punched and kicked. Ms. Liu was diagnosed with concussion, tooth movement, body multiple soft tissue injury, forensic identification for minor injuries. Ms. Liu v. 3 compensation for their medical expenses, mental damage solatium and other 3.9 million yuan. Lee and other three argue that Ms. Liu intimidate the child, leading to negative emotions of children, do not love and talk. Ms. Liu itself is suffering from hyperlipidemia, the face of the face and the diagnosis of the damage recorded in the record does not matter, Ms. Liu said dizziness and concussion, etc., are forged evidence. Haidian court found that the case, the case of Wang and other three constitute a common infringement, should jointly bear the liability. Wang and others late at night, abusive and braved Ms. Liu, Ms. Liu caused a certain amount of mental harm, so discretionary compensation for its mental damage solatium 1,000 yuan. Eventually, Haidian court sentenced Wang and other three people to compensate Ms. Liu medical expenses, transportation costs 2.5 million yuan, the spirit of damage solatium 1,000 yuan.

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