Shanghai, a plane flew to fly the first five people to determine the identity of the passengers

Reporters in the plane hit the bridge accident to see
Crash plane was salvaged ashore. Xinhua News Agency issued Beijing China Times happy navigable a amphibious aircraft yesterday at 12:20 or so, in Shanghai Jinshan waters when the first flight hit the Shanghai-Hangzhou Highway 7835 after the bridge fell into the water. The accident has killed five people and injured five others. At the time of the incident, the cost of 30 million yuan, 9 aircraft on a total of 10 people, including two crew members and eight invited to experience the flight of water media reporters. By 2:20 pm, all the staff was found. Among the five people who were rescued, the four vital signs were stable and the captain was still undergoing surgery. Reporters in the plane crash to see the accident, the aircraft nose was tilted state, after a violent impact, the entire body has "beyond recognition", the lower part of the body soaked in water. At about 4.45 pm, the plane was rescued by rescuers. In the rescue of the wounded Fudan University affiliated Jinshan Hospital, the reporter noted that many family members waiting outside the intensive care unit. According to the wounded treatment of Dr. Zhang introduced the rescue is currently the first captain was sent to the emergency room of the wounded, its hands and feet and other fractures and hemorrhagic shock symptoms. Wu Liangliang is a survivor. According to his memories, "the plane on the sea turn several laps, about 12:19 or so, the plane suddenly speed, then turn left a bit, a lot of people have been thrown down." "Because the plane is parallel to the bridge Take off, suddenly turn left to accelerate, and is close to 90 degrees of the big turn.Then I heard the deputy captain said a 'bridge', the aircraft 'boom' hit the bridge. "Wu Liangliang said that he can certainly not at that time The wind caused a sudden imbalance in the plane. Another survivor Song Wanjun told reporters that the plane fell into the water, he had commanded everyone to self-help. "The plane was already sinking, so the water depth may be only two or three meters, so the plane sink to half to stand up, sink does not go." Song Wanjun said, rescue workers came quickly, and finally with their own fire extinguisher next to the The windows broke open and all the people were saved. It is understood that the accident plane operated for the happiness of General Aviation Co., Ltd. On the same day, there were 16 invited guests, two batches of two aircrafts in Jinshan City Beach, and planned to start a 2-day, 1-night charter tour. The plane was one of the aircraft, plans to fly to Zhoushan, the results just after taking off the bridge. After the incident, the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Secretary Han Zheng, Shanghai Mayor Yang Xiong made instructions: to rescue the wounded, properly do the aftermath, pay close attention to investigate the cause of the accident. Integrated in the new agency, Xinmin Evening News

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