BMW Mercedes-Benz rubbing the parties to reconcile female employees apologize for kicked little girl

After the accident, the man got off to abuse the two women
On the evening of September 16, a section of the "two cars occurred in Jiangxi rubbing the driver because of limb limb conflict, a BMW driver driver kicked the other child" video on the Internet heat transfer, lead to discussion. At present, the matter has been the latest progress. Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, the government news office official microblogging @ Shangrao released a circular, said the police station, kicked the child's BMW driver Zhou recognized the error, their excessive behavior caused by the adverse effects of regret and apologize to the father of the child The The two sides take the initiative to require mediation, according to the relevant laws and regulations, the case caused by disputes, are mediable cases. September 16 evening 12 o'clock, under the auspices of the police, the two sides voluntarily reached a settlement agreement. BMW driver Zhou driver has been suspended for processing units. The report also said that according to the public security organs investigation, September 16 at 8 o'clock in the evening, Shangrao City, Xinzhou District, northeast of Diao coffee shop entrance, a silver white BMW car and a brown car (both since the purchase of private cars ) Out of the parking lot, do not let each other, confrontation. The two sides then occurred speech, physical conflict, which, BMW driver driver kicked each other's young daughter. Received 110 instructions, the police immediately rushed to the scene to investigate, after the two sides back to the police station. According to the surging news ( earlier reported that the incident when a short video shows that both sides of the fight a white black dress woman kicked the other side kicked kick, a little girl was kicked back to fall to the ground ; During which a civilian wearing a reflective vest has been persuasion, but invalid. There are witnesses online posting that the little girl fell after the face of the face, his face is blood; kick the black dress woman for the Shangrao bank workers; accident in the two cars for the Mercedes-Benz and BMW, kicked women belong to which car is not And know. At the same time the Internet was also released "emergency clarification" posts said: the incident when the two cars meet, narrow road caused by scratch. One side of the car for the two women, the other side for the couple with her daughter. After the accident, the man got off the board to abuse the two women, the two did not dare to drive the door, the phone for help friends, then the police rushed to the scene; two women to see friends to get off and the other side of the consultation, but the man when the police beat the woman, But back on hand. The above post said that the woman wanted to kick the man wife, pulled in the escape, accidentally kick the little girl. However, some netizens said the video of the little girl and his mother happened to stop the moment did not move, the woman kicked little girl intentions obvious. September 17 at noon, Shangrao Bank through the official microblog release news that began on September 16, WeChat friends circle and part of the network media exposure of the Bank of China City Branch staff Zhou Yuling kick children's video and pictures, triggering the public Of the widespread concern, with immediate effect on the staff to be suspended.

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