Zhejiang Wencheng landslide has caused 5 people were killed and one person is missing

Condolences to the affected people and rescue workers
According to the Wenzhou City, Wenzhou City, Wencheng County Party Committee Propaganda Department official microblogging "Wen Cheng release" news, September 28, the county Shuanggui Township, Baofeng Village, mountain torrent disaster caused landslides , Resulting in six houses were destroyed, 6 missing. Has now found five victims of the remains, there is still one person is missing. At present, the search and rescue personnel to take "three shifts" approach, is still full of search and rescue. 30, Zhejiang Provincial Standing Committee, executive vice governor Yuan Jiajun and his entourage arrived in Wencheng County Shuanggui Township Baofeng village landslide scene, command rescue, condolences to the affected people and rescue workers. In the rescue site, Yuan Jiajun on behalf of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Secretary Xia Baolong, on behalf of the governor Chejun to participate in all the rescue work comrades expressed sympathy and thanks. He stressed that to continue to race against time to rescue the buried personnel, never give up a glimmer of hope. It is reported that this year's 17th typhoon "catfish" at around 4:40 on September 28 in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, Huian County coastal landing. Affected by it, Wencheng County in the territory of heavy rain, the loss of major. Author: Li Tingting

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