The British chief will run for the Conservative leader to support the Cameron camp

The British Interior Minister Theresa May will run for the Conservative leader
NEW YORK, June 27 (Reuters) - Theresa May, the British Interior Minister, will run for the Conservative leader, according to foreign media reports. Reported that the Interior Minister will deliver a speech this week, made it clear that the party leader in the campaign against the most competitive candidates, former London Mayor Johnson. British Prime Minister David Cameron after the resignation, the majority of the news that the new party leader and the new British Prime Minister seems non-London former mayor Johnson must go. Advocate Britain's out of Europe Johnson received the support of the Conservative heavyweight colleagues, that is, the Minister of Justice Gove. Gove is one of the main candidates for the Conservative Party's new leader, but he called Johnson on Friday to support Johnson as a leader. In this way, Johnson's opponent will be supporting the stay of the Interior Minister of Europe, It is reported that Teresa Mei won the Cameron camp strong support, is considered the most likely to beat Johnson's candidate.

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