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61-year-old Song Jianming was picked to open the excavator man's phone - really big water
Between the dike, open excavator embankment of the man watched the flood surging, cattle woman was washed away together. Flood pressure array, water depth of two or three meters, once rumors "abandoned X X X". No man guarding the woman, the elderly, the children, spent the life of the most tormented one night, when the rescue came the woman cry: I thought you really do not come. Before the assault boat came, the men dragged the boat into the pond, and rounded the villagers across the bay to the safe area. And a large number of officers and men after the armed police, the new city of Wuhan City San Dian Street (town) over 10,000 villagers were finally saved. Since June 30, floods have affected 32.82 million people in 1192 counties in 26 provinces (districts and municipalities), and 431 million people in 63 counties (cities, municipalities, counties) Floods, bare boil, the storm pause, the peak is approaching, the flood has not yet ended. The people who are undecured are comforting each other: they are alive and alive. Wuhan 35 million people were affected, Xinzhou 50,000 people were transferred. (Yangtze River Daily aerial map) Dike night: "never seen such a big flood" July 1 before the break in the bank before the break, Wuhan Xinzhou District San Dianjie, men are busy at the dam. Mats gravel, embossed embankment, reinforcement heightened. There is a woman in the vicinity of cattle, thinking rain stopped the water back, and quickly cut rice, and then plow to insert late seedling. People unexpectedly, women and cattle were washed away. Burst when the flood rushed to open the excavator man scared to forget the mother, trembling to escape the machine, ran to run. Floods have not spread into the village before the 46-year-old Liao Jin Su early to sleep. 10 o'clock in the evening, flooding the men ran home, door to door shouting - do not sleep, the embankment (dam) collapsed, anti-flood! Village cadres also pulled up the alarm, shouting around, but many people did not how to clean up - arguably, the three stores are the lowest in the new continent, and Qili village is the lowest of the three shops. "What's the matter, do you scare!" Somebody was impatient and turned to sleep. At that time no one knows, Jishuihe three stores to reach the highest ever water level. Before the break, heavy rain has been intermittent for ten days. While the national precipitation than in the same period over the same period more than 23%, since the founding of the second, the country's 222 river flood warning, floods more than 34% of the total year. There was a place called white flag farm, meaning a heavy rain on the flooded white vast, but even 98 years that great floods, Liao Jin Su home did not flooded. 11:50 pm, 61-year-old Song Jianming was picked to open the excavator man's phone - really flood, Mo sleep, and quickly notify everyone in the bay, fast grab things! Previously, he was fled to the safe area, finally opened Song Songming phone, call, the phone does not pass. Song Jianming cousin three, just in their own home. They began to move things on the second floor, first move rice, oil, coal altar - even if the real flood, get out, have to eat a few days to eat. No elevator, refrigerator, washing machine, motorcycle can not move, can only pick up the useful use of money to move first Liao Jin Su remember, four in the morning to pick up things, the water only to the knee, more than 20 minutes later, has risen to the navel. Someone reached out to the fire tongs, but also the head immersed in the water, touch some on the ground. Power outage, broken network, the phone can not get through. Liao Jinsu and the women in the bay, children, and went to the outside of the national road or Valley of the temple. And so the room where the water is one meter deep, people climbed to the second floor. Only a layer of cottage or old adobe house, hiding in the building next door. Darkness, the water is still soaring, who dare not tamper with. July 2 at 5 am, a man touched down the floor, the water has been flooded to the location of fast neck, but the days have not bright, a dark. Villagers did not know, at that time, near the entrance to the tunnel, the landslide occurred, Jiangcheng Wuhan has become a Zeguo. Until 5:30 just polished, Song Jianming was found, before and after the door did not close, the table chairs are drifting away. Cousin to persuade him that there can be any way, if you are doors and windows are closed Yan, more resistance, an empty house was not suddenly flooded the arch? The water has been up, there are villagers sitting on the roof overnight, dare not eyes, the elderly, children, women are mostly sleep all night. "This is a long time in 1958 and 1998, the former is a hundred years of life, the old man witnessed the disaster, far from 1958 and 1998, the former is a hundred years Of the great famine, the latter is a hundred years of floods. July 3 at noon, Wuhan Xinzhou District San Dianjie Shi Miaocun, Qili Village Village, the public card almost no top. (Sohu "news party" Wu Xuefeng photo) between life and death: "98 years of floods are not so big" July 2, the flood ushered in the water level peak, three shop emergency, "abandoned three stores Bao Xinzhou" message crazy pass The The old man in the eyes of the panic, there is a man that is rumors, said to believe that the Government, there are men shouting, "certainly which XX out of the idea!" That time Hubei Province notice: heavy rainfall is still continuing, this round of precipitation is expected to become One of the strongest processes in history. July 1 that night, only the new continent there are five fuddles, the East River San Dianjie Tu River gates upstream 100 meters at 80 meters or so, endanging San Dianjie Tu River, Dong Chun, Zengzhai, Qili, Shi Temple, etc. 5 villages Jianshui River up to the history of the highest water level, the river flooded into the low-lying three stores. Three shop seven village, Shi Temple Village adjacent to the national highway, the village terrain is lower than the national road, and some drowned to the second floor, and some cottage no top - "98 floods are not so big." Liao Jin Su did not care so much Keep a pool of fish do not expect, and escape, live the most important. July 2 at 10 am, Liao Jin Su greeted the nearby men, swim to the fish ponds, the fish usually fishing fish fishing back, and then one by one to the villagers in the bay, to a safe place to go. A boat can sit seventy-eight individuals, men crossing the five or six times, nearly fifty people all arrived at the national security zone. Between life and death, some of the young people who usually slovenly also out of a lot of power. But the whole village has two thousand people, most people waiting for flood fighting and rescue of the armed police officers and soldiers. Song Jianming remember that they played five times 12345, but here, Wuhan to Xinzhou traffic almost paralyzed, Xinzhou to three stores the main road is also most flooded. When the assault boat finally flew, there was a woman crying - thinking that you really did not come. Men are not at home, women, the elderly, the children had frightened. Armed police officers and soldiers first to the children on the lifeboat, then the elderly and women, and finally men. Ten minutes, the family was taken out. Song Jianming with a bag of clothes, armed police advised him, do not bring things, save important, less with something, you can save a person. There is an old age life and death do not want to leave home, pull on the second floor do not go. Seeing the old house fell, the grave did not top, and if not go back to it? Persuade more than the old man or armed police officers and soldiers back to the lifeboat. Outside is a ocean, a child scared wah-wah cry. Lifeboat away from the time, Song Jianming looked at the door, the door has been submerged, the water estimated that there are two or three meters. Water in the wire, lines, fences and other block, the rapid driving may capsize. The national road, the water level is relatively low, less than one meter, a section of the armed police officers can only jump into the water, pushed in the back. While catching the progress, while afraid to push too fast turned the ship. After the villagers arrived at the national highway safety zone, the government car and then to the disaster relief sites. July 2 at 1 pm, Song Jianming brother Sa to disaster relief resettlement point, the official data show - Xinzhou has been damaged housing 690 1786, due to missing missing 3 (three stores Street, Phoenix Town, Xin Chong Street Each one), death 1 (Li Ji Street), has been safely transferred to the affected people more than 9,000 people. "Until the next day, the armed police officers and soldiers have been explained to the people, three stores is a hole, three stores flooded, the new continent was flooded." , Three stores could not hold, the new continent will be lost! July 3, Wuhan Xinzhou District San Dianjie villagers in the national road on the road for nearly an hour, still can not close to their destroyed plant. While search and rescue is still ongoing. (Sohu "news party" Wu Xuefeng photo) "alive like": the villagers were washed away after the trunk was rescued July 2 evening, heavy rain again. The next day early in the morning, three town of Qili village Zhan Shiqin his wife and the belly of the daughter sent to the grandmother, but also alone to the village water. He wants to see a home. Usually, driving from Xinzhou to three stores, as long as a quarter of an hour. But the main road was flooded, he drove around for more than an hour. Into the village of the last two kilometers, he was almost half a meter deep in the water, walked almost an hour. Muddy water deep yellow, floating green duckweed and firewood, the bottom is the size of the poke feet. The water has a variety of plankton, plump leech song to start the body, slender water snake stir up the microwave, sometimes outcrop, sometimes snorkeling. Watering past, the water snake or a shuttle jump, or hide on the edge of the national road is almost no top of the plant. For disturbing the leech and water snake, Zhan Shiqin only big step water. He finally only in the factory gate to stay for a few seconds - the oil bucket did not, the motor is also estimated that all scrapped, the loss of no less than a few hundred thousand. To the victims of the settlements on the road, he was still worried that these losses, the state can not compensate? On the loss, some villagers of the car did not even have the opportunity to open out, immersed in the water. But more generally, is too late to harvest the rice, almost all submerged in the destruction of miscellaneous grains and vegetables, suffering from the disaster of pigs, cattle, fish and other animal husbandry, even late rice seedlings catch up. Not to mention the damaged houses and the washed property. In the resettlement of the victims, folks of the lunch contains tomatoes scrambled eggs and eggplant cowpea pork, each lineup can also receive a watermelon. But usually two or three dollars a pound of lettuce leaves, now sold five. An old woman side of the soles of the side to Sohu "news party" sigh, so far have not seen the woman who put cattle. Six dollars a pair of soles, a needle line out of the colorful, as is the time to spend time, so at least three days to return it. Three shop seven village of Ji A macro, has not been found - July 1 evening, the 50-year-old man and the other two to the dam flood control, was washed away at twelve o'clock, so far no news. On the afternoon of July 3, a man who was washed away in the flood, picked up the trunk rescued, was rescued, and the family of Ji Mouhong quickly found that miracle happened - the result was not him. Liao Jin Su 24-year-old daughter called - mother, how you like that ah, pay attention to safety ah, our company near a wall fell, killed eight people. She did not dare to talk too much with her daughter, after all, the disaster came to their own body, or the first time. Folks you a word I say, from time to time sigh. 75-year-old said that a relative in the burst of the day of death due to illness, the original body placed on the first floor, not enough time to deal with funeral, the flood came, children can only tears to the body moved to the second floor. .... "alive like, people like." The old man said, are life na. Source: Sohu "press party" Author: Wu Xuefeng Editor: Wang Chen more behind the scenes stories and news, please scan code to add original news Sohu micro-channel club administrator, pull into your group. The

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