Beijing: seventy old people dissatisfied with the "fire channel" was parking arson

Suspects ignite debris to fire the residents of the district said
Yesterday, the unity of Hubei two buildings on the wall was blackened, downstairs there is a car was burned Beijing News (Reporter Hou Runfang Li Yutong) "This balcony have been burned, and look at the three or four floors were smoked Dark, "Yesterday, the unity of Hubei two buildings, a district residents standing outside the cordon, pointing to the windows were burned, still lingering fear. February 23 morning, the building fire, spread to six residents. Police said the arsonists are residents of this district. The residents claim that due to dissatisfaction with people parked to occupy the "fire channel." The affected residents were placed to the hotel Yesterday, the incident has been surrounded by a cordon, one to three floors near the road balcony and the walls burned charred, and some windows keep half of pieces of incomplete glass. Through the burned windows, you can see the interior of the red decorated New Year paintings. "At that time just after the zero, heard the sound of crackling over the kitchen came to see the flames are jumping out of the window," Ms. Wang said the residents of a building, she quickly wake up her husband has been sleeping, while running out of the side of the police: "Too panic, and sweaters have not had time to wear, panic in the wrong call the police phone, dial into 110". "The kitchen windows are all burned, and a hut near the fire point has been burned, and there are dozen parcels, more than twenty compression bags." Because the firefighting fireman sprayed Water, home water depth to the ankle, color TV, washing machines, refrigerators and other electrical appliances are water. According to Tuanjiehu Street Office publicity section of a staff member, fire five minutes after the fire truck arrived, more than 10 minutes after the fire was extinguished. "There are no casualties, because the residents were filled with water, can not live," the staff said that the fire affected six residents, are currently placed in the vicinity of the hotel, the Government will take a number of measures to resettle the affected residents. Suspects ignited debris caused by fire residents said the district is an old district, residents often put the old items in the home downstairs. The location of the fire for the 1st floor of a corner, long piled old sofa, old air conditioning, waste paperboard, mattresses and other debris, arson ignite the debris caused by fire. According to the "legal system" broadcast of the district monitoring shows that at 0:00 on the 23rd, a wear down jacket, wearing a hat suspects into the video surveillance range, holding a roll of newspapers and lighters. He went into the corner and lit the fire. The flames are small, and after a while, the suspects and took out some of the liquid things dumped on the ground, suddenly jumped up between the fire, and soon near the ignition point of a car was also lit. After the suspects from the nearby small iron gate north to leave the scene. It is reported that the suspect said, often the vehicle stopped at the incident site, occupy the fire channel, he had repeatedly reminded the owner. "The plan to fire, give them some color to see," the suspect then lit the neighborhood near the residential debris, "I point after the fire, the fire truck over, can not enter the door, do not find him "However, the reporter did not see the fire in the place to write a" fire channel "mark. Tuanjiehu Street Office Propaganda Department of a staff member, the fire location is located in the original community library area, the film area for the residents of the road before the road teeth, not fire channel. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Chaoyang Branch, the fire department of artificial arson, arsonist-based residents, 72 years old, has been under criminal detention. February 23, the police found in the suspects stored in the bottle of gasoline and lighters.

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